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Lensmonkey – Wedding Photographer in Cardiff

Lensmonkey Wedding Photography


Based in Cardiff, he covers Wales, the South West and the UK as a whole.

An experienced BBC Cameraman, Phil’s work is contemporary and fresh.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words but I believe that wedding photographs are a lot more than that. Wedding photographs consist of passion, love, promise, joy and memories, which is what makes them both priceless and timeless. When it comes to choosing your wedding photographer, it is important to choose someone who has the skills, passion and experience to perfectly capture your big day. My photo-journalistic talent and bold artistic vision has enabled me to work for a whole host of clients including the BBC.

As a renowned and trusted wedding photographer in Cardiff you can feel safe entrusting your wedding day to me. I will capture all manner of details from beautiful portraits to documenting the ceremony, ensuring that your wedding is something that you will treasure.


For more information and to discuss your big day, please get in touch.

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